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The Speak Life Podcast -

Gun Owners, Law Enforcement, Veterans, Bikers, Outdoor loving men and women get what you missed in church and what you need to make sense of things Eternal, for those of us trying to live right and enjoy the life we have, from Rev. Kenn Blanchard.

“Speak Life” is going to make you smarter.  Give you less stress, less fear and more faith in the God folks are trying hard to trivialized and misunderstand.  The speak life podcast, now available -- subscribe today.


Nov 4, 2017

Not sure what you are going through this week, but let me assure you that God will provide.  There is a word for it.  It is Jehovah Jireh.  This week I am going to share a tidbit of a Message I am preaching Nov 4th in Washington, DC about it.  I have a plea for us to repent as a family.  Our Bible story continues with Jacob and Esau.


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