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The Speak Life Podcast -

Helping others make better life choices, and providing mobile Christian worship that transforms lives. Making sense of things Eternal for those of us trying to live right, and enjoy the life we have. Information, and entertaining you might have missed in church when you were loving the outdoors, working, riding or serving. (hunters, fisherman, gun owners, law enforcement / security, veterans, bikers)

“Speak Life” is going to make you smarter.  Give you less stress, less fear and more faith in the God folks are trying hard to trivialized and misunderstand.  The speak life podcast, now available -- subscribe today.

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Rev. Kenn Blanchard



Feb 14, 2018

Have you ever wondered aloud; What Now, Lord? (Mark 10:28) Have you ever felt that Christians like us should get a pass from all the mess that happens to us? Talking about that and what happened last week on my trip to Orlando, FL. Bible Reading and a prayer for us. Please so you can be a member...

Feb 3, 2018

The title is a simple question that touches on our personal issues, fears and beliefs.  Some of our time issues are cultural, some ethnic and some selfish.  I talk about that and I hope it comes out right. 

Explaining why I talk about financial tips on this show, and how the Prosperity Gospel is false.  Our bible...