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Feb 21, 2018


on top of the tragedy of the senseless murder of two teachers and 15 students in parkland florida, there have been copycats around the country.
For some people it is the guns.
For others it is mental health
Some point the finger at violence in our culture, video games, movies
a small number dare call it evil.
We could argue all day about this rifle and others like it.  We could wax and wane philosophically about magazine capacities, barrel lengths, military styles versus hunting uses, we can use words like assault weapon and such but most that do are either willfully ignorant about the mechanics of firearms or dishonest because they use the ignorance of others to further their own agendas.
Politics is a dirty business.  Gun control is an evergreen subject.  And that is why I jumped into the debate 25 years ago using the name black man with a gun 
Can we talk for real right now?
hurt people hurt people.  
a person killed 
Coach Feis
Mr. Biegel
Mr. Hixon
I didn’t know any of them but they are like the kids and friends we all have.  Don’t let them be exploited.  There is a time for everything, its right to mourn.
for all the pro-rights, freedom loving people watching me right now, please pause and slow your roll, on attacking our neighbors that are grieving, 
it is said that grief has 5 stages to it.  there is denial, anger which we see right now, and that is making headlines, there is the bargaining which our politicians are loving, there is the depression and the sense of hopelessness that our children have because there doesn’t seem to be a solution to the darkness.
and there are those that accept it.  they don’t like it, but they figure there is nothing that can be done.
how about we stop for a minute and consider each other.
One nation, two sides, same problem
Murder has always been wrong since a brother killed his younger brother over jealousy, envy and selfishness
Murder has been against the law
Here are some truths
you cannot legislate human behavior
criminals and the insane do not follow the law
we have background checks, they are different depending on the state but they cannot predict or prevent evil
evil exist
An AR-15 is an easy target for legislation, and sound bytes but not the cause of the massacre in Parkland
There is no silver bullet, 
You can blame the NRA all you want, they didn’t kill anyone, 
we as a people have take responsibility for each other.
we know when someone is broken, hurting and is a little off, and our silence kills 
we know of vets, kids, adults, friends and family that shouldn’t have access to ways they can hurt themselves or others but we don’t say anything.
The guy that killed his brother Abel, asked the question, AM I MY BROTHERS KEEPER?
you are.
We must reject the idea that every time a law's broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.” 
― Ronald Reagan
Pray for our nation, pray for your community, pray for your family, 
and try to help that person that is alone, hurting and may be a danger in the future.
We are all in some stage of grief, you may not agree with me, but think about what I have said.  
We use social media and tech to connect with people for everything else, how about being there for each other more.