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Helping others make better life choices, and providing mobile Christian worship that transforms lives. Making sense of things Eternal for those of us trying to live right, and enjoy the life we have. Information, and entertaining you might have missed in church when you were loving the outdoors, working, riding or serving. (hunters, fisherman, gun owners, law enforcement / security, veterans, bikers)

“Speak Life” is going to make you smarter.  Give you less stress, less fear and more faith in the God folks are trying hard to trivialized and misunderstand.  


Speak Life is a weekly podcast that gives you what you missed in church.  It ministers.  The host is your pastor-at-large, Kenn Blanchard


Listen! Pray! to get food for your Soul, encouragement, and the Word. 


This podcast is a non-denominational Christian community, where we answer your questions, concerns and address feedback that arises regarding Libsyn itself.


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Rev. Kenn Blanchard







Mar 10, 2018

I believe that evil exist. I believe that even good people are influenced by evil spirits. Talking about that with refs from the Scriptures and how you can get back into the Light.

Darkness is the absence of light. Evil is the absence of God. What makes a quiet “normal” person commit a heinous act? What pushes a person to commit suicide? What would motivate a person to kill their entire family, children especially, and then kill themselves? What would possess a young person of an affluent family to murder their parents, their classmates or a bully?

You’ve heard talk of spiritual warfare in church before I am sure. Lets go a little deeper. Talking about demons and their influence over this world and more importantly how to get away from the demons in your life and get back to God.

The Bible reading goes to the end of Joshua's life in the Old Testament.  Music from Aretha Franklin.  Our music license is pending.

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